Do Canadian Banks Provide Equipment Loans and Lease Financing?

    The leasing industry in Canada has in the past been dominated by a few various kinds of entities that offer equipment and lease financing to Canadian business.

    The kinds of businesses that would be the key players in lease financing in Canada could be damaged lower in to the following groups:

    Existence Insurance Providers

    Lending Institution leasing firms

    3rd party Independent Financial Institutions – Canadian owner

    3rd party Independent Financial Institutions – Subsidiaries of yankee firms

    Captive Leasing Companies

    Bank Leasing entities – Subsidiaries of divisions of Canadian banks

    We’d venture to state that most likely 90% of Canadian business proprietors and financing managers consider ‘ 3rd Party Independent Financial Institutions ‘ when they’re searching to source lease financing for his or her equipment and capital expenditure needs.

    Canadian chartered banks have moved within an from the Canadian lease financing industry through the years. Presently 3 the large 6 Canadian banks have full fledged separate lease entities that positively market lease financing for their customers. Within our opinion the reason why customers select a bank lease financing entity are listed below


    Information on a present Banking Relationship

    Dollar size transaction

    Let us elaborate a little on individuals points. Because banks are able of getting the cheapest price of capital in Canada for business financing rates on bank leasing deals are usually excellent. Typically we’d realize that rates on bigger deals are usually 3-4% within the Canadian prime rate. This really is excellent prices, as independent firms have a tendency to cost at four to five to sixPercent within the Canadian prime rate. That’s typically obviously because every customer’s credit quality and scenario is unique.

    Business customers have bank lines and term loan plans using their bank. So it’s an all natural logical extension they would discuss their demands using their banker, who may, or may be unable to provide a lease financing solution. We established that 3 of Canada’s chartered banks have full fledged lease entities. A few of the other banks have leasing division, that are much smaller sized and much more focused on size, and a few banks decide to ‘ partner ‘ with 3rd party independent finance businesses that are generally Canadian or U.S.owned.

    We referenced dollar size like a main factor inside a customer selecting a banking lease arrangement. Banks in Canada have virtually limitless capital, so that they certainly can pick to invest in anywhere they choose.We are saying limitless capital, that is a little an exaggeration but Canadian banks are presently considered a few of the most powerful on the planet re their very own credit scores and capital ratios.

    Banks are typically a little slower to initiate the lease financing area, and banks make use of the function in certain respects to build up new corporate banking relationships. Actually we’ve observed that within the 2009 and 2010 banking atmosphere in Canada the financial institution lessor actually make an effort to create a full corporate banking relationship with customers who approach them for rent financing needs.

    Leasing is an excellent source of profit for that banks – banks makes solid credit decisions on assets and company credit quality, and lease prices provides some nice yields rival another areas of their business.

    Some banks in Canada have, previously, purchased a few of the private independent Canadian lease firms that were getting large and effective or were built with a specialized market or geographical niche… Banks are frequently quick to market portfolios and eliminate leasing divisions once they believe that market conditions claim that.

    In conclusion, the Canadian leasing landscape consists of numerous market participants. Banks play a vital role, although not a dominant role in the market. Lease financing using a bank is frequently rapport driven arrangement using the business customer’s current incumbent bank. Banks who take part in lease equipment financing have excellent rates but greater credit and asset needs. Business proprietors are cautioned to source the help of a skilled leasing consultant to find out which leasing arrangement (bank or non-bank) is the best for their demands.

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