Shipping Car to Hawaii VS Buying A Car in Hawaii


When moving to Hawaii, many individuals are in the dilemma about shipping their automobile or buying a new one. In most cases, people consider transporting their vehicle cross country rather than buying a new one, as it is much pocket friendly option. Very few choose to sell their existing car and buy a new one when relocating. To make things easier for you to decide, in this post we’ve discussed a few factors the need consideration.

Shipping your car to Hawaii is quite different from shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Instead of wasting time by shipping it yourself, it is better if you opt for a reputed auto transport company like Ship a Car, Inc. SAC offers transportation facilities for any vehicle type nationwide.

SAC is a well-experienced transport broker and has direct access to the largest network of carriers. You can get their services at a fair cost with one simple phone call to (866) 821-4555 or else you can even email them.

How to Ship a Car

  • Get a quote – Contact a broker with your vehicle details and shipping dates.
  • Book one carrier – Choose a carrier and quote from your broker and let the shipping process begin.
  • Keep your vehicle clean – Reduce your vehicle weight by removing unnecessary things except for some gas in the tank. Also, always disconnect any battery or alarm while shipping.
  • Drop off – Take your car to the pickup point. Before shipping, provide vehicle information from the lienholder if leased or financed.
  • Pickup your vehicle – You can pick up your car either from the port or from the delivery location.

Shipping Cost

The shipping cost of a car is measured by determining certain factors such as the car’s model, shipping distance, and vehicle size. You will get a clear idea about shipping costs only if you get a quote from any shipping company like

While moving o Hawaii, one important factor to consider is the cost. Hawaii cars are high in rates. If you are struggling with your budget, then shipping is better than buying. However, if you choose to buy, then you can opt for a secondhand car instead of a new one in Hawaii.

Do you want to buy A Car in Hawaii?

If you want to buy a car in Hawaii, then decide whether you want an old car or a new one. The make and condition of an old car will be critical and you should do a lot of research to get it in Hawaii at the preferred cost.

A new car will have latest upgrades, but it might be depreciating soon and worth more. Buying it will drag you back if you have a tight budget while relocating. So shipping your car is a better option than buying.

Decision-Making Factors

  • Sentimental value
  • Market value and model.
  •  Geographical distance
  • Period of stay
  • Safe shipment

You can make a budget-friendly decision if you choose to ship your car to Hawaii. SAC is a safe and reliable shipping company that offers safety and stress free shipping of your vehicle.

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