The Different Types of Arcade Casino Games: Choose One For You


The games from your youth are still around today in the form of Arcade casinos games! This article will look at four different types of Arcade Casino games and see what they offer.

Below are our favorite types of Casino Arcade Games:

  1. Pachinko: This game has a long history in Japan and is now popular worldwide. Pachinko machines can be found from as far away as Slovakia to South Korea, but few states still allow them. In this game, you use your ball on a vertical board with pins at various heights to try and get it into one of the goals below. The more balls you manage to put into the goal, the better your chance of winning!
  1. Skee Ball: A lot like pachinko, skee ball requires players to throw their skeeball up an inclined surface towards some holes set at different levels (the closer ones worth more points). You have three throws per turn, and the object is to see how close you can get your ball to the hole.
  1. Air Hockey: In this game, two players use small wooden pucks on opposite ends of a table with holes in it while trying to shoot them into their opponent’s goal (the surface area that looks like ice). The player who scores more points by putting their puck through the opponent’s goals wins!
  1. Lazer Tag: This game originated from a real-life military training exercise where soldiers would be outfitted with sensors so they could avoid being hit or shot during combat situations. Laser tag games take these ideas and incorporate them along with team-building exercises for corporate events and parties. Teams move throughout a course, trying to “tag” players on the opposite team and score points.

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