Keep It Discrete with a Disposable Vaporiser


There are several ways you can consume CBD and nicotine-infused products. Popular CBD products include edibles, gummies, flowers (buds), dabs, shatter, lotions, and tinctures. Instead of smoking, you can use nicotine products like gum and patches. One option that has become increasingly popular for both CBD and nicotine consumers is vaping. The vape culture has swarmed social media, filled the streets, and promoted the added benefits of vaping. Often, vape smokers encourage others to quit smoking and try vaping. Vaporisers are available to fit every budget.

Save Money

The best disposable e-cig in the UK is debatable, but most consumers will agree that they are affordable. Disposable vapes deliver approximately 600 puffs and cost around six pounds. What does that mean for you? You should consider how much money you spend on cigarettes. The average pack of cigarettes costs just over nine pounds in the UK. In London, cigarettes may cost more than they do on the outskirts. One pack of cigarettes is approximately 150 to 200 puffs. Therefore, one disposable vape is equal to about three packs of cigarettes. It will last about three days for someone who smokes one pack daily. The savings you enjoy by vaping instead of smoking tobacco is one of the main reasons many users have switched to vape products.

New Flavours

Generally, cigarettes are available in only two flavours, regular and menthol. Refillable and disposable vapes are available in thousands of different flavours. Every day, manufacturers and vape shops are coming up with new flavours like cookies and cream, vanilla wafers, apple peach, bloody bull, and blackcurrant menthol. If you buy a refillable vaporiser, you can mix and match flavours in the tank or pod. You are not stuck with the same one or two flavours.


Cigarette smoke leaves a foul smell on your breath, clothing, and upholstery. You can take your jacket off when you go back to work and wash your hands, but your co-workers can still smell the smoke. Vaping, however, is discreet. Plus, you do not have to look for a lighter, your pack of smokes, or rolling papers. Disposable vapes can fit in your pocket. You do not have to light it up; you can just pull and inhale. In comparison to cigarettes, vape smoke is far less visible, and the smell is virtually undetectable. It will not stick to your clothes like cigarette smoke. You can go back into your workplace or apartment building without stinking up the room.

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