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If you’ve ever wrapped up a sandwich or purchased pre-packaged food from the grocery store, chances are you’ve come in contact with cling film. Cling film, also known as Saran wrap, is a thin plastic film that adheres to surfaces via static cling.

It’s commonly used in food packaging because it’s sheer, pliable, and seals tight to keep food fresh. In this blog post, you’ll get a closer look at the role of cling film in food packaging, how it benefits both consumers and businesses alike, and why it is vital to have reputable cling film suppliers.

Cling Film 101

Cling film is made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE), which is a type of plastic that is derived from petroleum. LDPE is also found in other common household items such as garbage bags and squeeze bottles.

Cling film is produced via a process called extrusion, during which molten plastic is forced through small holes to create thin sheets of material. These sheets are then cooled and wound onto spools.

Uses for Cling Film in Food Packaging

Cling film can be used to wrap up sandwiches, meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits. It can also be used to line baking pans prior to cooking (this makes cleanup a breeze!).

Many pre-packaged foods that you purchase from the grocery store are also wrapped in cling film for freshness. When heat sealing equipment is used in conjunction with cling film, businesses can create hermetically sealed packages that are tamper-proof and have a long shelf life.

This is often done with dry goods, including cereals, snacks, and other foods that do not need to be refrigerated.

Reputable Supplier

For any business that relies on food packaging, having a reputable and reliable cling wrap supplier is essential. Cling wrap is an important part of keeping food fresh, and it can also help to extend the shelf life of products.

If a business does not have a reliable supplier, they may find themselves constantly running out of cling wrap or dealing with faulty rolls that do not adhere properly. This can lead to wasted products and unhappy customers.

A reputable supplier will always have high-quality cling wrap in stock, so businesses can rest assured that their products will stay fresh. They will also offer competitive pricing and prompt delivery, so businesses can avoid disruptions to their operations.

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