Calling All Beer Drinkers: Craft Beer Has Arrived


Those that love beer are indeed many, especially here in NZ, where beer has been brewed since westerners first set foot on the islands and if you have yet to try premium craft beer that is brewed locally, you don’t know what you are missing. It is hard to pinpoint what kickstarted the microbrewery industry, certainly government initiatives to promote new business helped microbreweries to start up and with the latest generation of brewing equipment, master brewers can replicate recipes on a small scale.

Wide range of tastes

As you would expect, the microbrewery produces a wide range of premium craft beers, including the following:

  • American pale ale – Using unique American hops, this sharp-tasting beer is a firm favourite.
  • Light & refreshing lager – The type of beer you would find in a large German drinking hall, fruity and quite potent at 5.0% ABV, which is popular with sports people and extreme adventurers.
  • European pilsner – A smooth tasting light beer with 5.2% ABV that is made with imported hops.
  • Black lager – A fruity flavour with this ancient European recipe and a hint of dryness, with this 4.9% ABV craft beer.
  • Special hops beer – There are prized hops that are only available at certain times of the year and the best is usually reserved by microbreweries for special seasonal brews and these are snapped up quickly when put on sale. If you bookmark the website of your local microbrewery, you can choose to receive notifications when seasonal products are ready, ensuring that you don’t miss out.
  • Mexican beer – Taking a traditional Austrian recipe and adding some barley and maize to create a quenching taste, no beer collection would be complete without a Mexican beer. It’s no secret that Mexicans brew great beer and there are quite a few small breweries that merge these beers with other ingredients.

Online Solutions

There isn’t much that you can’t buy on the Internet and all it takes to land on the website of a local microbrewery is a Google search. Once on the website, you can select a mixed pack that contains some of their most popular beers, or you can order separately, whichever you prefer.


Craft beer is not only the best tasting beer, it costs no more than your regular brand, indeed, you’ll probably save money on the cost of your beer. There are no downsides to switching to craft beer; it’s healthier, better tasting and costs no more than regular beer.

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