Better Control, More Pleasure and Safer Sex With Female Condoms


Many research have proven beyond a shadow of the doubt that using condoms cuts down on the perils of pregnancy and disease. However, how about the benefits of female condoms versus traditional male design?

Clearly, a lady includes a safety advantage when she’s additional control over disease prevention and pregnancy prevention during intercourse. Being prepared having a female condom provides much more control of when and how it will likely be used than counting on the man to keep in mind to provide and correctly use protection. With greater control at the disposal of the lady, safety factors are elevated a minimum of two ways.

One, the mere proven fact that she’s a lady condom and intends for doing things communicates clearly to her man that she’s smart and expects just the perfect for herself. Second, by managing the condom, a lady can make certain her man does not put her in danger by incorrectly using their own old-fashioned rubber.

A lady condom can provide each partner more pleasure compared to old-fashioned male protection. By knowing she’s prepared and safe, the lady can enjoy and relax things because they place their natural progression. Lots of men are convinced that they like for his or her partner to make use of the feminine sheath because for them it feels natural. They can also ignore fretting about whether their very own protection stays in position, and rather just be flexible.

Inside a study printed in the year 2006 through the respected “Colonial Journal of drugs,” researchers learned that condom use by recently if perhaps you are youthful women decreases infection using the cancer-causing human papilloma virus with a very substantial percentage. When condoms were utilized in 100% of sexual encounters, within this small study there have been no installments of abnormal pap smears or any other indications of virus infection. Other illnesses for example Aids, chlamydia and gonorrhea will also be reduced considerably by proper condom use.

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