A Satisfying Career in Travel & Tourism Industry


The worldwide tourism market is booming presently. Quantity of domestic in addition to worldwide arrivals has greater than tripled. The tourism industry accounts in excess of $1000 billion and it is likely to grow by 200% in next 5 years.

Tourism also hugely plays a role in the economy not directly through its connection to other sectors for example horticulture, agriculture, chicken, handicrafts and construction.

Career in Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism is U . s . States’ second largest service export industry, 3rd largest trade industry and among the largest employment providers. There are numerous courses available to help you explore this sector.

If you value to have interaction with individuals, visit various places and take part in the service industry, a career in tourism is fantastic for you. You may choose to become tour operator, guide, tourism manager, travel company, adventure travel guide, air travel service staff and so forth.

You may either enroll in a diploma or perhaps a certificate course in tourism and travel. You may choose a Tour Operator Certificate program, Travel company Certificate course, Air travel Certificate course, Cruise Line Certification course, Hospitality courses, Tourism Management and so forth.

What you’ll get to understand?

One should have a very good business sense to stay in the travel industry. A training course in tourism will educate you every aspect of just as one effective travel professional. A few of the topics covered are:

National and Worldwide Airline travel

Cruise Companies

Railway Reservations and travel

Lodging & Accommodations

Tour packages

Fare and reservation structures

About various Destinations

Quality Management

Project Supervision

Basics of Tourism Management

Business Behavior

Marketing Strategies

Various jobs possibilities can be found inside the private and public sectors. Within the public sector, you may be employed with tourism department or directorates. Lots of interesting possibilities are available using the private sector like Airlines, Tours Operators, Travel Agencies, Hotels and so forth.

Job Profiles for a number of Sectors

Tourism Department

Within the tourism department, employment are available in reservations, counter staff, sales and marketing, tour planners and guides. One may also be using the directorates and department of tourism. You’re able to be engaged using the planning and promotion of tourism activities.


Airlines give a glamorous and rewarding job option. You’ll find employment as Traffic Assistant, Reservation Staff, Bookings Manager, Air hostesses & Stewarts, Marketing and advertising personnel etc.

Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies use agents to advertise tour packages. They create plans of travel, accommodations, currency conversions, budgets, special needs, attractions and planning. Tour operators organize tours towards the various tourist spots and manage the travel and remain from the vacationers.

Hotel Industry

One will discover ample possibilities inside the hotel industry in a variety of departments. You are able to take part in Operations, Front-office, House-keeping, Accounting, Maintenance, Pr and much more interesting departments.


Besides Airlines, travels include rail services, coach operators and vehicle hire companies. Transport includes air, road, railways and ocean. Job profile for individuals employed with rail and road transport includes planning, chalking the tour program, calculating costs, organizing accommodation along with other facilities like food and entertainment.

Character Traits needed to take part in Tourism Sector

Those who are an element of the tourism industry communicate with people every day. There are specific character traits needed to efficiently handle the different responsibilities and tasks within the travel and tourism sector.

Good Inter-personal skills

Effective communication

Higher level of persistence

Industrious & Responsible

Good Marketing Savvy

Creative Abilities

Capability to handle Emergencies

Business skills

Job Outlook for Travel & Tourism Industry

Experience, Marketing Savvy, Communication skills and also the Size and placement from the organization determine the earnings of a tour operatorOrexpert.

Full-time worker positions at travel information mill well-compensated. Job prospects in private and public sectors are fantastic.

However, probably the most rewarding jobs for qualified tourism professionals have been in the non-public sector with travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, railways, hotels, transport and cargo companies etc.

Jobs within the travel & tourism industry offer good remuneration and benefits, including free travel for workers as well as their families. Salaries can differ with respect to the industry and therefore are greater in foreign airlines and agencies.

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